Afternoon Cabaret in Victoria, BC
"Little England Beyond Canada"

Dinner Show

The LONDON BOBBY Cabaret Show is good time experience based on English music and humour. Call for more details. If you have a group who would like a show, please call (250) 479-1828. London Bobby, fifty years behind the times.
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When London Bobby is not appearing in Victoria here's a list of places which have a piano and sometimes have live entertainment.

London Bobby's Picks. Music venues in Victoria

Why is Victoria called 'Little England Beyond Canada?' Because we have double-decker buses, a strong English heritage and English style weather.

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Tel: (250) 812-3030   FAX: (250)744-2094

London Bobby Entertainment
105-1497 Admirals Road, Suite 611, Victoria, BC, V9A 7N8, Canada

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